Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tessa Pt.1

Here is the underpainting of Tessa. This is one day of work

I'm sorry for the poor picture quality..

I'm not good at pictures


the chung said...

WHOA!!! that looks awesome as it is!! you should just say it's done and tell everybody you spent 5 weeks on it.

then i'll call you out and tell everybody you're a liar.

but forreal, that's looking good.

the chung said...

p.s. thanks for posting another entry to your blog. you're blog was the only one i could never open wihle at work because of your boobs with bear photo. although i did enjoy going to your blog while at home.

Reno! said...

c'mon you work at mtv, those perverts are all about the furry porn. probably

but thanks for the compliment! thats just the beginning of it. i have about a 1,000 more hours of work to go.

the chung said...

hey...i may work for MTV...but i work for their family and kids division damnit!! although i do draw furry cartoon animals all day long having, what some might call, "sex".

well i think anyways...what category does "corndog insertions" fall under?

fakeplasticlaura said...

your blog is hurtful to the eyes and annoying on the brain - much like reno as a human, i love it

your "friend" - nora onionskin